Our ethical and professional commitment is illustrated by our membership in the Asian Network of Social Accountability (ANSA), and the International Sociological Association (ISA).

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Our professionals are committed to developing sociological research and practiced in Mongolia. IRIM has been representing Mongolian sociologists a member of ISA since 2010. We attended the Council of National Associations (2013, Turkey) and the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology (2014, Japan).

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In 2010, IRIM became an Executive Committee member of the Partnership for Social Accountability, Mongolia and a member of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP).

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The Mongolian Association of Environmental Professionals was founded in 2012. By gathering environmental professionals in Mongolia, it aims to protect the environment by implementing best practices in environmental rehabilitation, increasing the participation of qualified professionals and improving business practices and laws related to the environment.

As part of this Association, IRIM will conduct advocacy work, develop and implement environmental projects and programmes, provide consultancy services; participate in lectures, trainings and workshops; cooperate with the organizations of environmental sector.    

The Partnership on Transparency Initiatives comprises of 18 member organizations. It aims to support transparency in governance, promote anti-corruption measures, and implement advocacy work. IRIM became a board member of the partnership in September 2013 during the Land affairs project implemented with the Asia Foundation.