IRIM helps to design and implement various advocacy, public outreach activities and dissemination works with goals as diverse as to influence policy decisions, to raise awareness or to reach and track specific target groups.

IRIM’s public outreach activities include media campaigns, public speaking, publishing research, distribution of information education communication materials among different target groups, and developing communications strategy designed for the project.

  • IRIM provides high quality needs assessment surveys, formative research, baseline and follow up surveys for designing and implementing public outreach – communications activities. This enables project implementers to design and develop products, services and communications that fit their project target population’s needs and motivations.
  • The survey findings of the programs/policies and public outreach activities help to ensure the program is based on an understanding of people’s lives, making program/policy goals realistic and achievable. Especially, survey findings enable them to target their resources cost-effectively, and select interventions that have the best impact over time.
  • IRIM arranged focus-group and key informant interviews to ground truth relevance, appropriate technical depth, and target audience reactions. IRIM evaluate the effectiveness of various communications channels and qualitative survey findings help to confirm the objectives, intended impact and key themes of the communications strategy.

IRIM’s ability to conduct public outreach activities (using communication tools)

Organising forum, workshop and conferences - Most of our projects include dissemination workshops including main stakeholders of the given project.

Developing and distributing flyers, posters and manuals to public and specific target groups

Preparing TV programmes specifically tailored to the level of target groups and to the main topic of the programme:

  • As part of the Glass Wallet Project, we designed the programs on Open budgeting and civic participation in budgeting in Mongolia. The programs were broadcast nationally through MNB TV).
  • Gender Sensitive Journalism (2010 and 2011) implemented by IRIM, used specifically tailored TV advertisements and TV forum programs that were aired on C1, MNB and TV 25 channels;
  • Transparency in land administration in Mongolia (2014) survey results were tailored into two TV programs in collaboration with MNB TV and Independent Authority Against Corruption.

Interviews to TV channels, FM and radio: 

  • Proxy Means Test Survey (2012) broadcast through Sukhbaatar, Dornogobi and Gobisumber aimag TV channels and radio as well as through MNB TV – broadcast nationally;

Case study on artisanal and small scale mining (2013) conflicts in relation to environmental issues – Bloomberg Mongolia TV.