IRIM provides an independent, external and non biased assessment of projects and programs. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) service objectives are to assist in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of projects by determining appropriate and sufficient resources, tracking discrepancies in activities and plans; and evaluating the outcomes and impacts of the project.

To date IRIM has conducted several comprehensive M&E projects and surveys on a national scale as well as specific components of M&E as part of larger projects. IRIM’s M&E expertise includes the development of methodological frameworks, large scale data collection and analysis, and the development of project recommendations.

Some or all of the following services are available:

  • Development of M&E logical frameworks;
  • Design of M&E methodology and instruments;
  • Conduct baseline, follow-up and final evaluation surveys;
  • Develop routine monitoring tools and provide monitoring services;
  • Provide project analyses including, stakeholder analyses, cost and benefit analyses, assessment of project relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and outcomes and impacts.

We have experience across many fields, geographical locations and organizations and have worked with complex programme structures involving many organisational and government stakeholders.

Examples include:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation for the SDC "Cooperation Strategy 2013-2017" (2013-2017), Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Baseline and Outcome Monitoring Surveys for the One-Stop-Shop Project (2013-2015), Human Security Policy Studies Center and Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Technical Assistance 7175-MON: “HIV/AIDS Prevention in ADB Infrastructure Projects and the Mining Sector” (2010-2013), Asian Development Bank
  • Baseline survey for the UNFPA 5th Country Program (2012-2016), UNFPA Mongolia
  • Baseline and final evaluation surveys for the FOCE (Fostering Civic Engagement at Sub-National Level) Project (2012-2015), The Asia Foundation