In 2016, the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM), as an independent research institute aiming to contribute to positive impacts in Mongolia, initiated its own social survey on subjective well-being and social cohesion. Between 2016 and 2017, survey covered a representative samples of 1825 respondents from 12 aimags and Ulaanbaatar. In the surveys, cluster sampling, random cluster and intercept line sampling methods were employed and it is internationally comparable.  The one of the main outcome of the survey was people were least satisfied with the country’s economic and political situation, and most satisfied with their own personal (and personal group’s) social life. Currently, IRIM is cooperating with KOBE University’s Research Team starting to implement “The Life Style and Culture study of Mongolia".  

Unlike other studies, lifestyle and culture studies of the nation has following features:

  • questions mainly focus on a respondent’s activities, interests and views;
  • it aims to identify social groups within the population by combining the characteristics of the non-traditional lifestyle

Main features of this study is are studying the lifestyle and culture of Mongolians in terms with their economic views. The survey sample will cover two household members from each of the 150 households from Ulaanbaatar and rural areas to gather information in pre-designed chambers with unique questions about lifestyle and culture.

We hope that the findings of the study will bring interesting results on the personal (and personal group’s) social life of Mongolians.