The Ministry of Health, which was commissioned by the Asian Development Bank and was funded by Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, began implementing the Action Plan for the Implementation of the State Policy on Health Development Project between April 2018 and October 2019. The Project is being implemented by the Consultancy Team comprising of the international consulting firm Conseil Sante and national consulting firm, Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM). The Launching Meeting of the Project was held on June 15, 2018. More than 80 representatives from the relevant national and international stakeholders attended the meeting, which included the Ministry of Health, general and private hospitals, non-governmental organizations, World Health Organization and the Embassy of Japan, to name a few.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide the participants with a common understanding of the Project and to determine the extent of their willingness to engage and participate in the proposed capacity approach for developing the Action Plan of the Implementation of the State Policy on Health.

Project overview

The Consultancy Team comprised of two international consultants from Conseil Sante and five national consultants from IRIM. They are to develop the Action Plan for the Implementation of the State Policy on Health (2019-2026). The documents will include the following sub-components: (i) Essential and Complimentary Package of Services, (ii) Policy Implementation Strategies (2019-2026), (iii) Policy Implementation Plan (2019-2024), (iv) Medium-term Expenditure Framework (2019-2024), (v) Medium-term Investment Plan with Procurement Processes (2019-2024), (vi) Service Planning Framework (2019-2024) and (vii) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (2019-2024).

It will be used as an umbrella document for preparing the annual plans and budget estimates of health sector organizations at all levels. The main document will be consistent with the relevant laws, especially Law on Development Policy Planning.

The Consultancy Team will employ participatory approach for development of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the State Policy on Health, by involving selected national and international stakeholders in thematic and technical working groups. This way, the Project will be able to use the Plan Document Development processes to enable and undertake capacity building through skill development and knowledge sharing thus promoting local ownership of the Plan and its supporting documents.