Under the Economic Governance For Equitable Growth (EG4EG) project, the Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) capacity building activities have been successfully implemented and finished at the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia in the last week of June, 2018. IRIM had shared the information about the previous phases of the project on its website. (http://irim.mn/news/1049)

The second mission of the IRBM project, which has been successfully implemented from March 2018 to June 2018, aims to support the MoF to review the Strategic Performance Plans and associated Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plans along with key performance indicators. These Performance Plans will enable the MoF to become IRBM compliant, in line with international best practices. The Strategic plans were developed in three different levels (departmental, ministry and minister level) through extensive consultative meetings with MoF officials. They were also presented to the senior management level to discuss the further implications of the IRBM system. 

Under this project, IRIM’s consultant team, (Ph.D Tamir and Ms. Odonchimeg) supported the international consultant, Ph.D. Aru, who has vast experience regarding the IRBM system and has served as a consultant for the adoption of the system in a number of developing countries, to provide technical assistance to the MoF officials.