Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) is implementing a new research project named ‘Socio-economy baseline study in LPA, forest-steppe area of Bulgan soum of Arkhangai province’, which is being funded by ‘Zoological Society of London’.

The main objective of the assignment is to analyze the socio-economic baselines and trends, particularly those related to wildlife and forest management practices in the selected pilot landscape. More particularly, it aims:

  • to identify local livelihood, its diversification, main income sources of local people and their key challenges;
  • to analyze the current degradation level of local natural resources by identifying its key threats and main drivers;
  • to study the connection between biodiversity degradation and sustainability of local livelihood;
  • to find the potential green livelihood diversification that can be further developed by the locals in sustainable manner with the support of the project. 
  • to study the gender issues in the selected landscape including the vulnerable groups of people in the area. 

To reach the above objectives, the project team will conduct a desk study of the relevant documents, with both quantitative and qualitative approaches for the study. We believe that results of the study will contribute to further socio-economic development of the LPA, forest steppe community in Bulgan soum of Arkhangai aimag.