Since 2015, TAF and SDC have been conducting the Urban Governance Project (UGP). By increasing access to information about citizen priorities for decision-makers and planners, by enhancing access to public services at Khoroo level, and by improving the capacity of Khoroo civil servants and administrators, UGP seeks to contribute to better urban livelihoods.

In this project framework, with the support of Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM), we aim improve the capacity of civil servants capacity at Research Methodology and the MS Excel program. Manual developing and Training for Trainers activity will be organized in this project and it had started in July 2018.

To determine the needs and requirement of the civil servants, we are working to organize the ‘Needs Assessment’ Write shop. We also had an interview with the project beneficiaries. The manual will be more practical and will be based on case studies.

The expected outcomes of the project:

We are expecting that over 1000 civil servants will benefit from this project - improving the capacity of the Mongolian Governance, enhancing the duties of the government and contributing to the development of society.

We will be informed on the progress of the project on time.