International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has been actively working since 2004 in Mongolia. In 2013, IRIM had worked with IFC on Public perception survey on water and mining in Umnugobi aimag, also in 2015, had worked on organizing workshops on presenting survey finding with stakeholders through 15 soums. From September 2018, we started implementing training, monitoring and evaluation project on Mining and Water Management in the South Gobi and Water Monitoring Modules. These trainings were organized by Sustainability East Asia LLC in three groups including community, local authority and mining companies since 2014 in Umnugobi, Ulaanbaatar, Dundgovi and Tov province etc. The main purpose of the training was to develop a basic understanding of mining and water management among those three groups, thus to change the attitude and behaviour of water users to use them properly.

The purpose of our study is to (1) whether their knowledge and awareness increase to monitor water quality and quantity; (2) whether they assess water risks and management opportunities; (3) whether they respond to risks through changing practices resulting from training; (4) whether they have sustainability of water management programs. This study will measure using these four degree of adoption.

Project data collection conducted in 15 soums in Umnugobi aimag and collected data from 996 respondents. In order to measure changes resulting from training, we included non-trainee respondents which were 60 per cent of the sampling size. Moreover, to explore practical changes, good practice and reason, conducted 39 key informant interviews from the field.


The project team is working on final report development including survey results and recommendations and deliver to the Client.