IRIM has started undertaking consultancy service ‘National Survey on Children with Disabilities and their Education’ under the implementation of the project titled ‘Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education during Economic Difficulties’ cooperated between The Asian Development Bank and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) of Mongolia. The project will be conducted between March 2019 and August 2019.

The national survey aims to collect quantitative data on kindergarten and school-aged children with disability and challenges in  providing special education needs. Furthermore, the survey will help the MECSS to develop strategies and action plan related to implementing goals of the ‘National Program for the Rights, Participation and Development of Persons with Disabilities 2018-2020’, approved by the Government Resolution No.321 in 2017.

In order to achieve above mentioned objectives, data collection will be held in 21 aimags and 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar on the basis of qualitative and quantitative methods. 

We hope the results of the national survey will contribute to the development of the evidence-based policy planning to promote right of education for all learners.

For further clarification about this survey please contact project coordinator Jargalmaa Ganzorig (, researcher of IRIM.