IRIM has started implementing a new project: “Creating Results-Based Monitoring-Evaluation and Risk-Based Internal Audit System in the Sector of Labor and Social Protection”. The project will be carried out in a total of 5 months, starting from April to September 2019. This project is being implemented under the “Additional Financing of Food and Nutrition, Social Welfare” project carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Mongolia in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank.

The main objective of the project is to develop methodologies that meet international standards to create results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and risk-based internal audit (IA), which are aimed to monitor and evaluate the policy implementation, projects, programs, budget, financing and performance of the labor and social welfare sector.

As a result of the consultancy service, highly significant methodologies will be developed, which help to improve the followings:

  • The existing M&E system by creating results-based M&E and risk-based IA system, which taken into consideration of specifics of the labor and social protection sector;
  • The linkages between M&E processes and coherence of sector policies and programs; and
  • Establishing the improved system at the ministry, agency, divisions and unit level.

In order to achieve above mentioned objectives, desk reviews on labor and social protection sector documents, discussions and interviews with the stakeholders and representatives of the population development, social insurance, social welfare and labor sectors will be conducted.   

We hope the project outcomes will contribute to the development of results-based M&E and risk-based IA system in labor and social protection sector.