IRIM works to support child development and protection within our social corporate responsibility. Within this act, we have renewed our Child Protection Policy in accordance with international standards. Our organization regularly introduces and trains our researchers, consultants and new employees with the theory and methodology of documents such as the Environmental Protection Policy and Child Protection Policy.    

The Child Protection Policy is an important document that we see as a contribution to the development of the social value of children that also affects the public’s understanding, attitude and behavior towards children.

This document was developed based on the Constitution of Mongolia, Law on Child Protection, Law to Combat Domestic Violence, and Law on Prevention of Crimes. The document consists of how to maintain a safe and positive environment for children and how to protect children from potential threats towards their life, health and mental wellbeing.

With the Child Protection Policy, all employees will have practical knowledge on how to deal with children and prevent suspicious or dangerous situations. That is why IRIM would like to call upon partners and other affiliated organizations to provide knowledge and information to and within their organization.