IRIM started implementing the ‘Empowering CSO for Improved Government Digital Transparency’ project in cooperation with Innovation for Change international hub in May 2019.  Within this project we developed the ‘Digital Transparency Index for Government Organizations’ by improving the methodology of our ‘Monitoring of Transparency in Websites of State Agencies’ project that has been initiated and implemented since 2008. Activities to test and improve the index were organized from July to August in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Participants of the event held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The unique aspect of this index is that besides assessing the transparency of disclosed information, it also assesses governance, legal and policy frameworks and civil society activeness, which are important factors for improving government digital transparency. Also, it assesses the capacity, resources and mechanisms used for the transparency of government organizations.

IRIM organized a training workshop for the Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter, our partner organization in Kyrgyzstan. In July, the research team of our partner organization was successfully trained on how to use the methodology and how to collect data to assess government organizations.

Ms. Minjirmaa Namjinbaatar, Operations Director of IRIM

In addition, IRIM organized the launch event of the index in August, where participants were introduced to the findings of the transparency of government agencies in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. The event had over 30 representatives of international and government organizations from seven Central Asian countries. The launch started with opening remarks from Mr. Zorig, deputy director of the Mongolian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Zorig stated in his opening, “Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan have a history of sharing knowledge and experiences within different sectors. I am glad that this time we are cooperating to work on the development of this social issue and also thankful for IRIM in initiating this work”.

Ms. Yulia Kalinichenko, member of the Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter

Mr. Batsugar Tsedendamba, Executive Director of IRIM

Ms. Moiltmaa Sarantuya, Consultant of IRIM

Ms. Inkara Mukatova, Coordinator of Innovation for Change Central Asia Hub

Ms. Byambasuren Dorjnyambuu, Consultant of IRIM