As we published  before, The Zorig Foundation has reached an agreement with the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia to conduct monitoring and evaluation on the "Sustainable Employment for Youth Program" (SEYP) initiated by Zorig Foundation itself. The project, which started on January 30, 2019, has been successfully completed on August 1, 2019 after 6 months of implementation.

Research team of IRIM has developed 7 types of tools to measure the changes in the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the program beneficiaries over the program implementation period. Qualitative and quantitative data was collected from program participants and other stakeholders with three times of interval. Based on the results of the quantitative and qualitative research, recommendations for improving the program have been submitted to the client along with the final evaluation report of the program.

Some of the key outcomes of the program evaluation were:

  • The initiation of SEYP by Zorig Foundation has met the needs of young people with university education, transiting from student group to workforce group in the labor market, and is rather innovative. The results of the M&E on the SEYP show that the program implementers have overreached 10 of their 12 target goals that they have set before implementing the program.
  • Program participants were satisfied with the program as they have received efficient trainings and coaching which showed positive impact on their knowledge and skills on employment. As a result, 68.4% of the program participants were engaged in full time employment within 3 months and the numbers have increased to 78.9% at the end of the program.
  • Within the framework of the program, program implementers have reached and linked organizations to the program participants. Out of total 17 organizations, 76.4% (13 organizations) of them have expressed their interest to cooperate with Zorig Foundation on further SEYP.

The Sustainable Employment for Youth Program has been announced for the second time on September 16, 2019, and is soon to be implemented. IRIM team would like to wish a very good luck for the program implementers of Zorig Foundation and program participants of the second cohort.