IRIM has successfully implemented its ‘Research Student Program 2019’ in the purpose of supporting university students studying in various sectors who are seeking to increase their knowledge and skills in doing professional academic research.

A total of 25 students have submitted their material to the program this year, from which 13 students were selected to participate in the program. Those students were involved in the following activities for the last 8 weeks:

1.    Participated in a series of courses on research methodology, research design, project management and personal development;

2.    Undertook internships on the project implementation at IRIM;

3.    Conducted research on the interested topic of team work;

4.    Developed mentor-mentee relations and received individual counseling in their particular areas of interest.

A total of 11 students have successfully completed the program and received their certificate in program closure on December 10, 2019.

We hope that the program contributes to the empowerment of youth who will contribute to the development of the country as adding drops to the sea. We wish all of our program participants a great deal of success throughout their future career!

In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the trainers for their contribution and support to the successful implementation of the program.