IRIM in collaboration with Conseil Sante, France consultancy firm has successfully completed the first component of the consultancy providing in the health sector of Mongolia since April 2018. The Action Plan of the State Policy on Health was approved by the Health Minister‘s Resolution #A/103 on February 20, 2020.

On April 01, 2020, the Ministry of Health (MoH) officially received five supporting documents, (i) Essential Services Package, (ii) Medium-term Expenditure Framework (2019-2024), (iii) Medium-term Investment Plan with recommended procurement processes, (iv) Service Planning Framework (2019-2024) and (v) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (2019-2024).

As a part of the consultancy, over 40 consultative meetings were organized. This included two regional, three national meetings and thematic meetings with more than 700 participants in total. The consultative meetings covered directors and heads in charge of policy and planning from MoH departments and divisions and aimag and Ulaanbaatar health departments and health centers, special and specialized hospitals, private hospitals, professional associations, relevant ministries, Embassy of Japan in Mongolia and international donor organizations, including UN organizations and JICA to name a few.

Second component of the consultancy, capacity building trainings have been put off to September 2020 because of COVID-19 associated public health emergency measures.