The Sustainable Artisanal Mining Project (SAM) Phase 4 builds upon 10 years of Implementation and aims to consolidate the remarkable progress towards responsible community mining within an enabling legal framework for Mongolia’s 100.000 artisanal miners and their dependents.

The SAM (Phase 4) seeks to transform Mongolia into an International knowledge hub for ASM Best Practice. The Knowledge Hub component of the project will extend the impact of the project beyond the national level while bringing international experience back to Mongolia.

Associating with it, IRIM is started conducting The Knowledge Hub Reconnaissance Survey for the Target Group project since 01 of April. The main objective of the assignment is to identify the most effective and cost efficient communication approach amongst the target group for establishing the KH based on the feedbacks and analysis of local condition. Additionally, the IRIM will reveal general perception and awareness level of the target group about the SAM through its survey.  The scope of the survey areas are Bayankhongor (Bayan-Ovoo, Galuut, Bumbugur and Jargalant), Selenge (Mandal, Tunkhel, Baruunkharaa and Orkhontuul), Tuv (Zaamar), Darkhan-Uul (Shariingol), Uvs (Tarialan), Khentii (Norovlin), Dundgovi (Khuld), Dornogovi (Airag) and Govi-Altai (Yusunbulag) in Mongolia.