IRIM was selected as a Monitoring and Evaluation entity of the Fostering Civic Engagement at Sub-National Level project. The project is implemented by the Asia Foundation and funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The main purpose of the FOCE Baseline Survey (the survey) was to assess the current level of awareness and satisfaction of citizens with their local governments and to provide a baseline data and pre-term basis to evaluate the impact of the FOCE program activities.  

An experimental design with a subsequent test, developed for two separate survey groups – treatment and control- is employed in the survey. A randomized survey of general populations/citizens was conducted at project pilot sites. Treatment group comprised of respondents from Delgertsogt (Dundgobi), Erdenetsagaan (Sukhbaatar), Taskhir (Arkhangai), Khovd City (Khovd), Tuv (Zuun mod) and Khan-Uul district 1 khoroo (Ulaanbaatar) and control groups from Deren (Dundgovi) soum and Sukhbaatar district 5 th khoroo. The survey was designed to collect data that will help offer objective comparisons between these two groups, and will identify the current level of awareness and satisfaction of citizen. 

Qualitative methods were used in the survey such as semi-structured interviews with local government officials and local civil society organizations (CSOs) and s unofficial leaders. Semi-structured interview with officials and CSOs/leaders will focus on determining what participatory activities have already taken place in the site and explore their impressions regarding the capacity of local CSOs and quality of participatory activities.