As a result of the recent boom in Mongolia’s mining sector, nature and environment, in particular, water issues in the Gobi have been raised as an outstanding topic among the Government, locals and mining companies.

     Supported by International Finance Corporation, IRIM has completed ‘Public Perception Baseline Survey on Water and Mining Issues’ with the involvement of residents and herders of 1043 households in all 15 provincial and district centers as well as in rural areas of Umnugobi (South Gobi ) province between September, 2013 and February, 2014.

    The survey aimed at identifying past changes, current situations and the vision of water availability and management issues.

     Workshop on presenting overview of the survey results to the mining companies present in Umnugobi was organized at Xanadu Mines Office on February 19, 2014. The survey results and recommendations will feed into communication strategy and participatory water management approaches of those mining companies.