IRIM has been engaged in Social Analysis activities of the “Tuul River Improvement Project TA-8560 MON”, implemented by MEGD through the ADB. Within the project scope, IRIM team successfully organized “Multi-stakeholder Consultation Workshop” in collaboration with the Project team in August 22, 2014. The consultation involved representatives of the different stakeholders, including Tuul River Basin Authority (TRBA) - the Project implementing agency, other related ministries and government agencies, municipal and local government, academic institutions, civil society organizations as well as business and industries. The Project conceptual design, social analysis and environmental assessment frameworks were introduced to the stakeholders and the stakeholders provided substantial input and feedback to those components, especially on the Stakeholder Participation and Consultation Strategy.

To briefly introduce about the Project, it is funded by the Japan Poverty Reduction Fund and implemented by the MEGD and its branch TRBA through the ADB with the purpose of developing sustainable management of the Tuul River basin in Ulaanbaatar area by supporting its continuous flow and creating international standard eco-zone with pleasant recreational and protection facilities. The Project is on its first stage of preparation and IRIM is conducting its Social, Poverty and Gender Analysis as an input to the Project documents.