The Disability and Education research project is a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded project implemented by IRIM and JICA under methodological guidance of the JICA Research Institute in Mongolia.

The aim of the survey is to collect data for empirical analysis of how demand-side actors and supply side actors evaluate the implementation of the various forms of education provision and the current situation of out of school children.

The survey data collection will cover regular and special schools of selected aimags in northern, western, southern and eastern regions as well as in Ulaanbaatar.  The survey target groups are parents of children with and without disabilities, parents of children who have dropped out of school, teachers and school principals. The survey focuses on determining policy practices, perception of inclusive and special education, possible schools forms by type of special needs, obstacles for children with special needs and policy implementations for children with disabilities. Currently, survey data collection is ongoing successfully. The survey project will be completed by December of 2014.