Project background

  The ADB Higher Education Reform Project (HERP) aims to support the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS) to institute needed reforms of the higher education sector. The project will be implemented until December 2016 with the possibility of extension.

     The project consists of three components:

          (1)   Improving quality and relevance of higher education programs;

          (2)   Strengthening of management, financing and governance of higher education sector;

          (3)   Improving equity and access to higher education;

     These include the following:

  • Design and tools of labor market survey, employer satisfaction survey and graduate tracer study
  • Data collection, entry and analysis
  • Two graduate tracer study reports
  •  One employer satisfaction survey report
  • One labor market survey report
  • Guidance notes on higher education program and curriculum review, career guidance for students, industry training program and joint research projects
  • Training and workshops for stakeholders

     The project impact will be an increased number of Mongolia’s higher education graduates who are globally competitive. The outcome will be an improved, well-managed and equitable higher education system.