The Asia Foundation (TAF) is implementing the Fostering Civic Engagement at Sub-National Level (FOCE) project in cooperation with the Office of the President of Mongolia and with generous funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). FOCE is a sub-component of SDCs Governance and Decentralization Program (GDP) which seeks to assist the Government of Mongolian (GoM) in its decentralization and democratization efforts. The overall objective of FOCE is to increase civic engagement and social accountability in local government policy development and decision-making. The intended results of the project included:

  • Raising levels of awareness on the legal framework supporting public participation in governance;
  • Increasing participation of citizens in the local government decision-making processes;
  • Expanding opportunities for local governments and citizens to learn from other Mongolian experience;
  • Increasing the transparency and accountability of local governments viz. core services and functions; and
  • Increasing general levels of citizen confidence and satisfaction with their local governments.

Client: The Asia Foundation

Purpose of project:The main purpose of the final evaluation (the survey) is to measure the results of the Fostering Civic Engagement at Sub-National Level (FOCE) project.

The objectives of the survey were:  

  1. Provide evaluation data on a post-term basis to evaluate the impact and outcome of the FOCE program activities;
  2. Determine changes in the level of civic awareness and citizens’ satisfaction regarding the sub-national government and its decision making and services;
  3. Determine changes in the level of civic participation by analyzing citizens’ experience, approaches, and preferences with the local government and CSOs/NGOs, and;
  4. Identify successful experiences related to the program.

Scope: The target(treatment) group included 555 citizens from 1 district of Ulaanbaatar city and 5 soums where the Asia Foundation’s (TAF) FOCE project was implemented. The control group included 171 respondents from 1 district of Ulaanbaatar city and 1 soum where FOCE was not implemented. Primary data for this endline survey was collected between 1 November and 26 November 2014.