“Reflecting Labor Market Survey Findings for Higher Education Activities” workshop of Consultancy service for higher education responsiveness to labor market was organized on 2nd of December. The Ministry Of Education, Culture and Science, and Higher Education Reform Project supported and 59 major universities and colleges participated in the workshop

The consultancy team international and national consultants were entirely participated to this workshop and could provide international and national level training.

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In the workshop, international and national consultants presented the main findings from the study of relationship between higher education sector and labor market in Mongolia, and some important findings form Graduate tracer survey and Employer satisfaction survey implemented by the selected universities. And survey manuals were provided to schools.

Another main topic of the workshop is how to reflect those findings into school activities. Therefore, consultants also discussed higher education program/curriculum review, services of career information, guidance and counselling for students, and policies of university-industry partnership. Participants shared their experiences and suggestions and contributed to develop guidance notes on these topics.

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Based on the workshop output, guidance notes on curriculum review, student career services, and university-industry partnership considered the findings of labor market studies will be produced.