Law on Information Transparency and Right to Information and law on Glass account have now been under implementation stage in Mongolia since it was first adopted. IRIM and Transparency International Mongolia have taken place the Consultative Meeting, “Information Transparency in Mongolia – Today” on 23rd December, 2015.

The aim of the consultative meeting was to introduce the results of four-year monitoring on the government agencies’, 21 provinces and public organizations’ websites. The monitoring survey covered web sites of 85 public organizations and 81 state owned enterprises and ranked them by their transparency. The monitoring is designed to measure the implementation of policies and actions which are aimed to strengthen transparency in access to information.

Furthermore, the implementation of law on the Glass account is presented based on the state-owned companies’ cases. Most importantly, apart from presenting survey results, all stakeholders actively expressed their experiences how to implement these laws into practice and discussed the further collaboration opportunities and initiatives on the strength the information transparency in Mongolia. Representatives of government and non-government agencies, state and locally owned companies, health sector, Independent authority against corruption of Mongolia, and International organizations have been a part of the meeting.

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