The Study is part of the ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ project; planned, implemented and jointly financed by the SDC, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS) and Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism (MEGDT). The overall objective of the Project is to integrate principles and practices of ESD within the Mongolian school system, and construct a framework (institutional, legal, and organizational) for Sustainable Development and Green Development.

The baseline study will look at educational organizations in general, and issues related to local Sustainable Development and Green Development in particular. The study will identify opportunities, challenges and risks in the delivery of:

  • knowledge (on Green Development and Sustainable Development),
  • capacity,
  • competitiveness, and
  • organizational resources

Based on the study results, an action plan will be developed to strengthen the capacities - for delivery of educational services - related to Green Development and Sustainable Development.

Most of the Study will consist of questionnaire-based surveys throughout five provinces (Darkhan, Khovd, Orkon, Overkhhangai and Sukhbaatar; as well as the capital Ulaanbaatar. The survey will target: parents, students, schools, NGOs and other institutions; and be complemented by observation checks and desk-based research.