The Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) has accomplished the “Corruption Risk Assessment in Mining Sector of Mongolia” from November 2015 to June 2016. 
The main goal of this assessment was to identify the risk of corruption in different decision-making stages throughout the geology and mining sector, and to rate the identified corruption risks. The assessment is used for developing a plan to mitigate risks identified, thereby, creating a baseline for regular monitoring and assessment of corruption risks in extractive industry
A total of 15 corruption risks were identified as a result of the assessment, are summarized in the general conclusions. The assessment team also developed a proposal for a corruption risk mitigation action plan, and submitted it to the Working Group established by the Resolution of the Minister for Mining No. A/40 of 12 April, 2016 for developing ‘Corruption Risk Mitigation Action Plan’. 
The dissemination of assessment findings and corruption risk mitigation plan were organized among international, national and local stakeholders on June 07, 2016. For detailed information about the assessment report, please see the following link.