IRIM has successfully provided the consulting services ordered by Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund, aiming to improve its strategic and policy planning through training and consultation workshops. Thus, the follow-up consulting service which is aimed to improving governance and building capacity of this fund has started implementing from January 2017. This consulting services will be provided until February 2018. 

GODSF is the implementing organization of “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC for managing its local development fund (including partner soums of “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC, Khanbogd, Bayan-Ovoo, Manlai and Dalanzadgad). This fund has been established more than a year. IRIM is implementing sequential consulting services for the purpose of maintaining the fund's sustainability and capacity. Previous consulting service aims to identify the main policy of the fund such as vision, mission, strategic goal and objectives. Then, the main outputs had discussed through fund’s stakeholders through three times workshops.

This consulting services has four main components itself. It includes:

First Workshop: To organize workshop on each thematic annex of Cooperation Agreement.

Second Institutional: To strengthen capacity and governance of the fund.

Third Monitoring and Evaluation: To organize M&E training for fund employees, to develop indicators and to do M&E together with employees.

Fourth Trust index survey: To measure consumer confidence index after developing its methodology in compliance with international standards.

Currently, the first component which is named workshop is being implemented. The workshop has a thematic annex which is health, traditional livestock-grazing land management education, and water–environmental management of cooperation agreement. We organized second time workshops for small medium enterprises in this May. And then, we are planning to organize four times workshops through the health and traditional livestock directions.