Since April 2016,  IRIM is implementing the “Brighter Future for Children with Disability” project in cooperation with World Vision International Mongolia.  Within the framework of the project, IRIM developed a Mongolian version of a screening tool for children with disability (CWD) which is called “A Child Functioning Module”. First developed by Washington Group and UNICEF, it detects any difficulties in the child’s functions.

In order to increase the use of the Mongolian version of the screening tool and to enhance its effectiveness, IRIM announced best practices competition among the target 9 schools which are applying the screening tool and the winners were awarded on July 5, 2017The First place went to the 121st school of Songinokhairkhan district, second place - to the 17th school of Chingeltei district and third place - to the 102nd school of Bayanzurkh district. The project team is working on a short video documentation of the best practices implemented by the schools and deliver to attention of broad viewers.

We would like to thank all schools for the participation and best efforts.