(The Mongolian version of the screening tool used in detecting any difficulties in children functions on the regular schools was trialed)

Data and statistics of the children with disability’s (CWD) used in different sectors are inconsistent because of unavailability and lack of an established method and tool. As a part of the project “Brighter Future for Children with Disability”, IRIM has developed Mongolian version of the contextualized screening tool and conducted a trial assessment, which contribute to tackling one of the obstacles that prevent rights of children from being ensured. The screening tool officially named “Child Functioning Module” was developed by UNICEF and Washington Group, suggested for international countries to define the statistic of the CWD.

Teachers and social workers from the target regular schools mentioned that the screening tool is so effective to detect the any difficulties and risk of the children, to give in-depth knowledge teachers and parents about the special needs of children. In regard to project, IRIM created a short video which is documented child developmental activities were initiated from the schools.

With an integrated database of children with special needs, we are able to increase inclusiveness of education and make it more effective and child-centered. In this regard, IRIM places a special importance on increasing use and impact of the tool.

Implemented by IRIM in collaboration with World Vision International, “Brighter Future for Children with Disability” project has covered nine regular schools and 18 khoroos of the three districts in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, since April 2016.

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLy9RDRE8Ao&t=178s