Governance and sustainable development of mining and environment is one of key focus area of IRIM research institute. Thus, under the mission to build capacity for research and consulting, and further to deliver positive impact to the society, IRIM research institute is conducting “Promoting Effective Governance for Mining Sector Development through capacity building in research and engagement” programme, funded by Australia Awards Fellowship, in cooperation with and hosted by Griffith University.

The course program aims to ensure that Mongolians benefit from a well-governed mining industry, utilizing Australian knowledge to assist with sustainable development. By planning joint research projects with the academics on a range of topics including inclusive economic growth, private sector governance and development and enhancing transparency and accountability in the mining sector, Fellows will have the opportunity to work on these areas while being mentored.

Within the programme fellows Ts. Batsugar, N. Minjirmaa, T. Elberel will improve their research skills in mining governance area, and will conduct research in their own thematic areas and will develop and publish research paper.  Moreover, fellows will organize knowledge sharing activities to share their gained knowledge and skills.

Concluding event of the programme will be organized in December 2017 in Ulaanbaatar. At this event fellows will present the findings of the research to and discuss with the representatives of the government, civil society, experts of Mongolian mining sector. Dr. Tapan Sarker, Convener of the programme at Griffith University, will be participating in this event. 

It is worth mentioning, that Griffith University is one of leading universities in Australia, ranking in world’s  top 200 in range of subjects, with more than 50000 students from over 130 countries, and with more 4000 staff.