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Citizen Input Survey on the Decentralization of Services

Commissioned with the Asian foundation (TAF), Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM) finished implementing “Citizen Input Survey on the Decentralization of Services” in three-month period. The results of the Survey were expected to identify which services might be prioritised for decentralisation; from district level to sub-district (khoroo) level.

People’s assessment of their own experiences using the 14 services ranged from ‘very good’ to ‘very bad’; centring on the equivalent of somewhere between ‘good’ and ‘okay’. Examples of such improvements promoted from the respondents included:

  • reduction of waiting times (queuing and being served);
  • reduction of service duration/completion time (from the start of the process to the end);
  • reduction of the number of follow-up trips 2;
  • improved customer service generally;
  • provision for payments by internet banking, and
  • provision for use of services such as smart phones, mobile apps, etc.

Based on the Survey results, sequential actions are to be taken to decentralize the administrative services.