The Third Conference of International Consortium for Social Well-Being Studies was held in Magelang city, Central Java, Indonesia, in March 2018. Recognizing the increasing need to understand and improve the current state of social well-being in the era of rapid modernization in Asia, the Conference theme was ‘Social Well-Being, Social Policy, and Social Transformation’.

The Conference brought together scholars and researchers from 9 Asian countries including Mongolia and enabled an in-depth academic exchange on social well-being studies. The scholars presented their papers on various topics related to social well-being such as social capital, social exclusion, social network and measurement, happiness, social inclusion, support networks and development.

IRIM CEO Mr Batsugar Tsedendamba and Board Member Dolgion Aldar attended the Conference and chaired the session on Development and Well-Being. They also presented IRIM’s research findings on the current state of subjective well-being of the poor in Mongolia.


As an active member of the Social Well-Being Research Consortium in Asia, IRIM will remain committed to further contributing to the academic exchange on social well-being and continuing its annual survey on Social Cohesion and Subjective Well-Being.