Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is now implementing Digital TVET Tender (DTT) project. DTT is a sub-component of GIZ’s “Digital Tender” sector project which is planning to develop platform named ‘‘Build4Skills’’ shall enable to transfer and exchange with all data collaborative partners in Mongolian labour market and TVET. On the initiative of the sector project, IRIM is now developing an implementable concept for the platform.

Under the overall of objective is to develop an implementable concept consist of identification relevant data, data indicators and set of process rules to be followed in the “Build4Skills”platform is main goal of this consulting service.

In the frame of this consulting services, the following sets activities are performed:

  • Determine relevant data, data sources and data collaborative partners of the platform
  • Estimate for Mongolian labour market demand and TVET supply
  • Develop proxy indicators and alternative data collecting methodologies allowing to fill the remaining data gaps of Mongolian labour marke
  • Provide workshop and supervision for stakeholders from GIZ, data collaborative partners and other relevant institutes on the work with data and on how to implement data analytics software according to the implementable concept.

Under the objective of consulting service, the implementable concept we are developing shall noticeably improve to promote work-based TVET and allow local workers to be trained on the job based on labor market needs. Optimally TVET would be integrated into planning and tendering processes of infrastructure projects, benefitting national economies by increasing skill levels and therefore employment opportunities for local workers.

Currently, IRIM team have been conducting interviews with all relevant actors in order to identify available data of Mongolian labour market and TVET.

The consultancy service will be conducted between January 16th 2018, and October 31st 2018.