IRIM has implemented the End line evaluation of the ‘Strengthening Schools to Nurture Effective School Readiness and Learning Experiences in First Grade Children of Mongolia’ (2015-2018) project from December 2017 to March 2018. The project is implemented by the Save the Children Japan in Mongolia, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS). The aim of the Project is to nurture and enhance school readiness and transitional competencies of first grade children, through transitional/start-up first grade programs offered at public schools in target communities of Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia.

The overall goal of the end line evaluation was to review and analyse the implementation process and outcomes of the Project, with an evidence-based approach. Within the scope of the end line project, IRIM team evaluated the performance of the key indicators against expected outcomes and identified best practices, but also lessons and challenges faced during implementation. Moreover, we evaluated the impact and the change in school readiness and adaptation of first-grade children resulting from the project implementation.

The end line evaluation covered a total of 34 schools from project target districts including Chingeltei, Songinokhairkhan and Bayanzurkh districts. In total, 504 teachers and 500 parents were included in the evaluation. In addition, a total of three focus group discussions, 38 key informant interviews and 10 case studies were conducted within the scope of evaluation.

IRIM team presented evaluation findings among national and local stakeholders in education at the Project Close-Out Event ( ) held on March 13, 2018.