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IRIM’s use of tablets in data collection

Since 2014 IRIM has started using Mobile applications in data collection at the field. IRIM’s collecting quantitative, qualitative and geo data (GPS coordinates) using ODK, CSPro Data Entry applications and Formhub web servers. IRIM is the first organization, which have used CSPro Data Entry Mobile Applications for data collection in Mongolia.

IRIM has conducted 2 full scale projects using mobile apllications for data collection:


Project name


Used Mobile App

Number of respondents



Baseline survey of “Environmental Protection and School-and Household-Level Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS)” project in Nalaikh district

The Asia Foundation



Nalaikh district


Final evaluation survey of “Fostering Civic Engagement at Sub-National Level” project

The Asia Foundation

CSPro data Entry


Sukhbaatar district, Khan-Uul district, Tov aimag, Khovd aimag, Arkhangai aimag, Dundgobi aimag, Sukhbaatar aimag

Using mobile application in data collection, IRIM will provide Client with following advantages;

  • Better quality assurance;
  • Real-time data monitoring;
  • Time saving;
  • Reliable database.

IRIM has 7 fully operating Samsung Galaxy tablets, powered with related software and virus protections. For using tablets in rural areas, IRIM will empower tablets with Data SIM cards of Mobile Phone Operators.