Start date:
January 2015
Completion date:
February 2016
Asian Development Bank
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The overall objective of the consultancy service is to provide technical assistance for HEIs and MEDS in designing, conducting and analyzing quarterly graduate tracer studies, and annual labor market surveys and employer satisfaction surveys, and preparing user-friendly reports to be used to review HE programs and curriculum, provide career information and guidance for students, and to develop industry training programs and joint research projects through public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Forecasting potential skill imbalances in the labor market is important for higher education policy and quality. The projection of skills supply and demand can throw light on possible future developments in labor markets, indicating potential education supply mismatches, and informing decisions about investment in skills and formal qualifications made by individuals, organizations and policy-makers.

By the end of the consulting service, HEIs and MEDS are expected to be able to conduct and analyze labor market surveys, employer satisfaction surveys and graduate tracer studies and prepare reports which inform HE program and curriculum review, career guidance for students, industry training programs and joint research projects

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