Start date:
September 11, 2017
Completion date:
December 20, 2017
GIZ Mongolia
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Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Review national, regional and legal laws and regulations for the subject of differentiation between men and women in environmental sector
  • Review the first assessment other studies/evaluations of the Strategy, National Programme on Gender Equality and relevant programmes
  • Assess the Strategy’s progress made against the expected results
  • Provide evidence on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Strategy
  • Identify the factors that have affected the Strategy’s implementation, answering the question of why the performance is as it is and explaining the enabling factors and bottlenecks;
  • Reach conclusions concerning the Strategy’s contributions and comparative advantage, including good practices and lessons learned across the scope being examined;
  • Provide recommendations for the design and implementation of the Strategy. These recommendations should be logically linked to the conclusions and draw upon lessons learned identified through the assessment.
  • Review the gender equality situation in environmental governance. Is the environmental governance meet the following gender equality principle:
  • Participation, Transparency, Legitimacy, Effectiveness
  • Review the data with sex disaggregation within the environmental sector and forestry sub-sector
  • Review men and women’s differing roles, responsibilities and benefits and challenges in obtaining from natural resources (e.g. forestry)
  • Conduct desk review of the gender legal environment related to gender equality and the environmental sector and donor funded projects
  • Provide an overview of the gender mainstreaming and gender equality in the environmental sector
  • Identify gender gaps, with special focus on the forestry sector using available data.
  • Review international best practices and lessons-learned in gender mainstreaming in the environmental and forestry sector
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