Start date:
April 2018
Completion date:
June 2018
Kobe University, Japan
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The purpose of the pilot survey was to identify the potential problems that could be encountered during the data collection, and how to overcome those challenges.

The client suggested the survey methodology, questionnaires, and sample size information to the project team in the project preparation stage. The project team developed the detailed sampling size based on the information submitted by the client. Total of 300 people were included in the pilot survey. The proposed methodology suggested by the client was designed to involve two or more members from one household.

However, as agreed with the client, the methodology was finalized to include at least three (and more) members from one household. According to the field data collection plan, the project team held 2-3-time session on average in a day and collected the survey data. Each session required main two stages, which were inviting the participants and organizing the survey. After the data collection, the project team entered and cleaned the data and submitted the data along with the technical report to the client.

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