Start date:
October 31, 2017
Completion date:
June 25, 2018
Transparency International Mongolia
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The Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) is an initiative developed by Transparency International (TI) which seeks to reduce corruption in the business environment. BICA is based on the concept that collective action, involving government, the business sector and civil society, is more effective in promoting business integrity than stand-alone actions by individual stakeholders or groups.

The initiative consists of two consecutive stages:

  • an assessment of a country’s business integrity environment; followed by
  • operational reform agenda deriving from the assessment’s key findings to be implemented through collective action.

BICA–Mongolia is the country’s first comprehensive analysis of contributions made by all stakeholders to transparency, integrity and accountability in the corporate sector. The report identifies the contributions and shortcomings of the business sector, public institutions and civil society that play major roles in the fight against corruption. The analysis aims to strengthen all stakeholders by establishing a comprehensive reform agenda through their active engagement in advocacy activities.

This study has been conducting its desktop research according to the methodology developed by Transparency International Global. The agenda evaluates 51 indicators of 15 thematic areas considering relationship between public and private sector, and civil society. Therefore, the research evaluates the score of each 3 sectors. We should note that there is no comparison within countries around the world.

Throughout the research, we have established National Advisory Group of 10 advisors to provide significant inputs for the development of all research materials and inform and ensure the research's validity at all stages.