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Role of media in women’s participation in political decision making: Mass media monitoring and developing indicators of gender sensitive journalism

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Project’s goal was to evaluate gender sensitivity of Mongolian mass media, to raise awareness among journalists, to change their traditional attitude and behavior regarding gender inequality. Under the goal of the project we designed indicators for monitoring and evaluation on mass media gender sensitivity, organized advocacy including, TV program agendas and meetings, developed report, and managed overall project activities. The project was divided into 2 main phases of which first phase implemented from Oct 2009 to Dec 2009, and second phase was implemented from Sep 2010 to Dec 2010.


  1. During the first phase of the survey, gender analysis was conducted on the current media content being broadcasted on TV and published in newspapers, magazines and websites. Data analysis covered 252 hours of program from 3 TV channels, 252 issues of 3 newspapers, 6 issues of 3 magazines and 3 website’s content published over 14 days.
  2. Based on the results from the survey, a 45-minute program was developed and broadcasted on the Mongolian National Broadcasting Company’s Channel, and another 40-minute program was developed and broadcasted on C-1 channel.
  3. During the second phase of the survey, current international development level and trends of gender sensitivity in mass media was studied and the “Criteria for gender sensitivity in media” was developed based on previous domestic studies on gender, and inputs from women’s right experts and media professionals.

During the project, a two-stage forum was organized with experts from gender and media studies. As a result, “Criteria for gender sensitivity in media: Television” handbook and research report were developed.

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