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Mapping Social Accountability in Mongolia

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Affiliated Network for Social Accountability- East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP)







IRIM is an Executive Committee member of the Asian Network of Social Accountability (ANSA) in Mongolia. As such, we aim to promote involvement in social accountability.

The aim of the mapping survey was to develop a comprehensive map of social accountability concepts and practices in Mongolia. The survey objectives were to:

  • To identify and document social accountability initiatives that involve citizens and citizens groups in strengthening government accountability;
  • To extend the knowledge base on social accountability approaches, tools, and mechanisms;
  • To identify and define the elements, opportunities and entry points for social accountability networking and capacity building in Mongolia.

The survey was conducted using the four pillar indicators that measure social accountability. Moreover, the main factors such as experience of democracy, development and history of civil society, and government system are examined. 


Data was collected using the following methods:

  • Desk review (review of legal and policy pronouncements, review of documented complaints and comments and recommendations, web based review etc.);
  • In-depth interviews with leaders of NGOs, officials of relevant organizations and programs (in overall 50 experts were interviewed); and
  • Focus group discussions with stakeholders (a total of 11 FGDs). 

As a result of the study, stakeholders and political mapping was created; database of civil society practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders of social accountability was created and categorized; local and national experiences, lessons of demand-side governance initiatives, opportunities and gaps were identified. 


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