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The aim of the consumer marketing research of Amar service, a mobile banking service of Khas Bank, was to understand the preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers; identify target group of consumers, awareness level and loyalty level to Client’s services and that of competitors; and having defined potential consumers and market opportunities, recommend appropriate strategies to improve and expand the service.

This marketing research was conducted by IRIM annually since 2010. While the initial research focused solely on current active and inactive consumers of Amar service, the second (follow-up) research project not only compared the results of the two previous projects, but also expanded its focus by including households and consumers using any banking services.

In 2010, 250 respondents participated in the questionnaire survey while the number increased to 750 in 2011; and 4 focus groups discussions were held in 2010 and 5 in 2011.


  • Research methodology, instruments and strategies were designed;
  • In order to design the research sampling, the list of all Amar service users provided by Client was used and initial telephone survey was conducted to create concrete classification of active and inactive users;
  • Necessary data was collected by using two types of methods: focus group discussions and questionnaire surveys. Data was then entered and elaborated on SPSS.   
  • To ensure the reliability of the questionnaires filled after the data collection and prior to data entry processes, the coordinator and field team leaders contacted a sample of respondents to verify whether the data was indeed obtained from relevant respondents.

A final report summarizing main findings of the research was developed and strategies for future marketing improvements were recommended by IRIM. 

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