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Transparency in Government Operations: Web Monitoring of Governmental Organisations Phase 1

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Improving transparency and openness of state and government agencies is one of the key conditions for preventing from corruption and reducing bureaucratic red tape which leads to bribery. The Government of Mongolia is keen to use public organizations’ websites as a means of enhancing its transparency and issued a resolution No.143 in 2009.

Therefore in 2010, SITE project supported the first round of website monitoring conducted by IRIM through open announcement and competitive selection process. The aim of the project was to monitor official websites of governmental organizations in order to improve the transparency in their operations and to monitor the implementation progress of the Governmental Resolution#143.

The report of this monitoring exercise was widely publicised, the actual report was printed, placed on the website of Independent Authority Against Corruption and UNDP. The results have also been communicated to respective agencies at workshops.


Objectives of the monitoring: 

To conduct monitoring of websites of state and government agencies;

To provide recommendations for further improvement of transparency and openness. 

Scope of services included: 

Develop/update monitoring methodology

Collect data using website checking questionnaire 

  • Ministries – 11
  • Agencies – 43
  • Capital city – 2
  • Aimags – 21
  • Parliamentary bodies – 10
  • Judiciary – supreme court, capital city courts, and district courts

Conduct analysis on openness and transparency in line with internationally recognised methodology

Provide recommendations for state, government and local agencies

Present the findings at the workshop of government officials

Prepare one page policy brief based on the findings

Submit the final report to UNDP Country Office governance team.

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