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The Truck Drivers Survey was conducted by IRIM under the Project TA 7175-MON: HIV/AIDS Prevention in ADB Infrastructure Project and the Mining Sector funded by Asian Development Bank. Although the Project has been implementing several preventative activities at mining sites and local communities in Umnugobi aimag, the group of contractors and truck drivers exporting coal to the People’s Republic of China had not been addressed by the Project. Therefore, ADB commissioned IRIM to study the risk factors and behaviors surrounding the coal road and to recommend appropriate strategies and actions targeted to these groups.

This survey had several objectives – to identify the HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and practices of truck drivers and female entertainment workers; to assess risk factors and behaviors surrounding the coal road and the truck drivers; to assesstheworkplace safety and health conditions of truck drivers. In this respect, IRIM defined the survey methodology and institutional approach for conducting the survey. A survey pretest was done and survey instruments and tools were adjusted accordingly. A case study approach was chosen to better address driver’s behaviors in a local context.

The study gathered a rigorous evidence base documenting the existing risk of injury and/or death and the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission in the mining products transportation industry. The survey recommendations were effectively used by the Project in piloting HIV/AIDS prevention activities in project pilot sites and later in the institutionalization of these activities by the government in mining, road and transportation sectors. The final report fully covers the study objectives and in addition identifies institutional weaknesses of local government, mining and transportation companies in addressing these issues.


  • During the inception mission of the project, the IRIM team conducted a desk review and met with concerned government ministries and companies and submitted an inception report.
  • In the next stage, IRIM developed survey methodology and survey instruments (e.g. in-depth interviews, KAP questionnaires, checklists for mining and transportation workplaces, daily time allotment of truck drivers, and participant observation) and provided training for its researchers;
  • A survey pretest was conducted with truck drivers who transport gravel at the pitting site at Shuvuun Fabric (25 km from the center of Ulaanbaatar) to test the developed research methodology and tools and to familiarize researchers with these tools;
  • On-site data collection was carried out. The survey included Mongolian (220 participants) and Chinese (84 participants) truck drivers and transportation companies. In-depth interviews with mining companies and transportation companies’ medical doctors and occupational health managers were also carried out. The availability of IEC materials along the coal road and at mining sites was monitored.
  • Following this process, data entry, cleaning and checking were implemented. IRIM produced the final report summarizing findings and recommendations for future prevention strategies directed at the truck drivers and the surrounding community in Umnugobi were proposed to the PIU and relevant stakeholders.

A dissemination workshop was held with government officials, mining company managers including occupational health managers, ADB and PIU staff and stakeholders from HIV/AIDS prevention activity NGOs.

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