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According to the Survey on Perceptions and Knowledge of Corruption (SPEAK) conducted annually since 2006, land utilization in Mongolia was identified as the most corrupt sector by the public consistently from 2006 to 2012 (TAF, SMF and USAID 2013). Additionally, this survey indicates that there is a strong similarity between rural areas and Ulaanbaatar in ranking land utilization as the most corrupt sector.

These findings suggest that the spread and incidence of corruption in the sector have heightened the need for more in-depth analysis of the issue. However, there have been no institutional studies which investigate how institutions, structures and mechanisms of land utilization govern the behavior of agents and trigger corruption. Therefore, this project aims to fill this gap and contribute to corruption prevention awareness raising activities in Mongolia.

The main purpose of the project is to examine and identify necessary corruption prevention strategy and activities related to land administration in Mongolia, in the case of the Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartograthy (ALAGaC). 


  • The project consists of two components:
  • An institutional study of ALAGaC – The project will scrutinize both formal and informal norms and rules, transparency related policies, regulations and activities governing land administration in Mongolia by concentrating on the ALAGaC;
  • Advocacy – This component will be aimed at increasing public awareness of corruption prevention activities in land administration. Based on the key findings of the study, a 40 minute TV forum will be developed and broadcast nationally. Moreover, a dissemination conference will be organized.

However, the project will mainly concentrate on the first component.

The project will use various research methods, combining both qualitative and quantitative. In total, 60 interviews, 350 questionnaires and 5 case studies will be conducted as part of the project at five sites. Ulaanbaatar (Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar, Baganuur), Kentii (Undurkhaan, Murun), Dundgovi  (Mandalgovi, Delgertsogt), Darkhan-Uul and Khovd (Khovd, Murun) aimags were selected first, as they represent different levels of development and local conditions and second, as they are already included in the SPEAK survey.

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