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Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Education for Sustainable Development project
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The overall goal of the ESD project is that ‘Education for sustainable development is integrated in the Mongolian school system and a framework (institutional, legal, and organizational) for sustainable development (SD) and green development (GD) is in place.’ More particularly, the work will contribute to the ESD project’s second outcome, namely:

‘Awareness among leaders and the people (adults, parents, community, organizations) on ESD/SD/GD is increased and elected companies and organizations are certified according to ISO 14001’

ln the frame of project component 2 in the operational plan of 2015, in order to organize the trainings on public communities effectively,conducting the baseline survey on the education for sustainable development and green development in public level is planned. Based on the survey outcomes, preliminary tasks for developing the national action plan for public education for sustainable development and green development will be accomplished.

The baseline study is beneficial for the following aspects:

  • The capacity of the local educational organizations will strengthened for SD and GD concepts and those organizations will become a base organization to conduct trainings to deliver the knowledge to local communities and government authorities to promoting them into environmentally friendly activity, lifestyle and culture.

MEGDT will develop their plan on strengthening the local educational organization capacity for SD and GD. This plan would provide the opportunity to include it in their annual plan for implementation and cooperation for financial support from international development organizations.

Survey purpose: 

Baseline study is conducted

  • to identify the opportunity, challenge and risk on deliver the knowledge on green development, sustainable development, capacity, competitiveness and organizational resources for local SD and GD educational organizations

Based on the study results, action plan will be developed to strengthening their capacity for the educational service on SD and GD.

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