Start date:
Nov, 2015
Completion date:
Feb, 2016
Finland FLOM Organization’s Mongolian representative office

The scope of the study:  A total of 6 districts were conducted in the survey.   


  • NGOs operating for deaf people
  • Local government managers who are in charge of matters related to deaf people
  • Business and religious organizations employing deaf people
  • Colleges educating deaf youth.

These participants gave us insights of current projects that are supporting employment of deaf people, main difficulties and other potential solutions, opportunities to support deaf people’ employment.

Goal/ purpose of the study:  Main objective of the survey was to determine employment needs of deaf people. We did analysis through following sub-objectives:

  1. to summarize statistical data related to employment of deaf people
  2. to determine employment needs of deaf people
  3. to determine the opportunities to get educated and employed for deaf people
  4. to find out the good case practices related to deaf people’ employment to give feasible suggestions about how to increase the employment of deaf people 



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