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Feb, 2016
Natural Resource Governance Institute
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Scope of the study: As the primary source of the data related to mining license, the Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) is the core of the study. The current situation is compared with standards and principles promoted within E-Government principles and EITI standards and principles. Coordination of the information disclosed on the official website of MRAM, , the official website of EITI, and the official website of Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, is analysed in regard of the study.

Study demand: Disclosing information related to mining licensing encourages national ownership of reform efforts in order to better serve the interests of the citizens for Mongolia. Therefore, it is vital for stakeholders to increase their responsibilities and hence strengthen good governance in Mongolia. In implementing recommendations based on this research, the Mongolian Government can ensure that the country’s natural resource wealth will benefit all of its citizens. To do this requires clear mechanisms and transparency throughout the process of license allocation and the provision ofbalanced information to all stakeholders.

Goal/purpose of the study: 

The aim of the research is to develop recommendations and a policy briefing, based on the research findings, evaluating and improving transparency of the main sources disclosing information of allocations of mining licensing:

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