Start date:
Jan, 2016
Completion date:
Feb, 2016
Agriteam Canada Consulting Ltd
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Background: The “Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia (SESMIM)” Project ($8.4 Million, 2015-2020), sponsored by the Government of Canada, aims to build Mongolian public sector capacity for transparent and effective policy implementation supporting sustainable growth in the extractive sector. The object of the project is to improve public sector governance in the extractive sector as indicated through three intermediate outcomes: improved implementation of extractive sector policies and regulations by Mongolian institutions; improved coordination between ministries and key stakeholders in the extractive sector; and, stronger evidence-based decision-making that supports extractive sector management in a manner that is gender-sensitive and socially and environmentally sustainable.  (Ltd, 2015)

Survey purpose: The Project Planning Workshop allowed the participants to collaboratively identify:

  1. Best experiences in the past five years and aspirations for the next five years in Mongolia’s extractive sector
  2. National level priorities of policies, plans, and programs in the extractive sector   
  3. SWOT analysis of Revenue Management, Licensing, Mine Closure, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Cadaster of extractive sector in Mongolia
  4. Stakeholder collaboration mapping in the extractive sector and current cross ministerial collaboration (rating and identification of negative and positive aspects)
  5. Problem tree analysis of extractive sector in Mongolia

Capacity building needs at policy, implementation, and individual level and First year plan: priorities, timelines, and milestones

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